Streams and Areas

Submissions for EURO 2018 are divided into areas, which are then further broken down into streams and sessions. This is the responsibility of the Program Committee. Areas and streams are organized by EURO Working Groups, international experts, and involved individuals. Every stream consists of up to several sessions (including invited and contributed sessions). Each registered conference attendee is allowed to give a single talk.

The list of areas is constantly being updated. Find the list below. For an updated list visit the EURO submission system (needs registration). Streams within areas are detailed also in the EURO submission system in this other link.


Area Responsible PC member
Analytics, Data Science and Data Mining  Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Systems and Computing Carlos M. Fonseca
Continuous Optimization  Attila Gilanyi
Control Theory and System Dynamics  Stefan Wrzaczek
Decision Analysis, Decision Support Systems, DEA and Performance Measurement  Jyrki Wallenius
Discrete Optimization, MIP and MINLP  Bernard Fortz
Emerging applications of OR Geir Hasle
Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate  Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Financial Modeling, Risk Management and Managerial Accounting Rita D’Ecclesia
Game Theory and Mathematical Economics Stefan Wrzaczek
Graphs and Networks Bernard Ries
Metaheuristics Carlos M. Fonseca
Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Optimization Carlos M. Fonseca
OR Education Albert Wagelmans
OR for Developing Countries and Humanitarian Applications  Sibel Salman
OR History and OR Ethics  Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
OR in Health, Life Sciences and Sports  Christos Vasilakis
OR in Industry and Software for OR  Geir Hasle
Practice of OR (Making an Impact)  Albert Wagelmans
Production, Service and Supply Chain Management  Michal Tzur
Revenue Management  Luce Brotcorne
Routing, Logistics, Location and Transportation  Daniele Vigo
Scheduling, Timetabling and Project Management  Greet Vanden Berghe
Simulation, Stochastic and Robust Optimization  Raik Stolletz
Soft OR, Problem Structuring Methods and Behavioural OR  Jyrki Wallenius

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