General EURO Information

When does EURO 2018 occur?
We have the great pleasure of inviting you to take part in the 29th EURO Conference to be held in Valencia, Spain on 8-11 July 2018.

Where does EURO 2018 take place?
The conference takes place at the north of Valencia, where two campuses of the two largest public Valencian universities have all the necessary installations. Some other events will be held at the City of Arts and Sciences (CAC)

What languages are spoken?
Nearly every language is spoken at the conference — we have attendees from more than 200 countries. However, all event communications and signage are in English.

Abstracts and Special Issues

What does the EURO 2018 publish?
The electronic proceedings contain all the abstracts accepted for the conference that correspond to registered authors.

Are there full papers?
No. EURO 2018 does not publish full papers. There are, however, a number of Special Issues on prestigious international journals planned. Feel free to submit a full paper from your abstract there.

Hotels & Travel

How to reach from the airport to the city centre?
On arrival, it is best to get Metro from the airport. Both Metro Lines 3 and 5 link the airport with the center of Valencia (roughly 25 minutes away). Taxi is also convenient. Taxi stops are located at the arrivals area of the airport and the cost is about 20€ to the city. For further information visit the section of the website that contains this and many other explanations here.

How do I get an international visa invitation letter?
If you require an invitation letter to enter Spain, you’ll have the option to request one while you are registering for the event. For further information about the travel documents click here or send an email: 

Should I wait to book hotel and airline reservations in case prices come down?
We recommend booking hotel and flights sooner rather than later. With airlines, you will find the best flight options and more seat availability the earlier you book. We recommend you book your travel using our official travel partner, GLOBALIA. Not only are they very familiar with our event, they will ensure a seamless, guaranteed experience.

About Registration

To register, you can choose between the different prices according to your case, please go to the registration page here.

Student/Retired or regular? If you are currently enrolled as a student in any institution doing an undergraduate, Master or Ph.D. degree, you qualify as a student, for which you will have to upload an official proof. Retired attendees also have to upload a documental proof. Otherwise, you are a regular attendant. Note that the organization is subject to strict auditing and hence the need for official documents.

Abstract acceptance and VISA invitation letters are available in the abstract submission system page (remember to log in). If you need a more personalized letter, for example stating that the abstract acceptance process is peer-reviewed (common requirement of the Tukish  TÜBİTAK) then write an email to Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber ().

For registration questions, please send an email:

For exhibitor questions, please send an email: 

One registration allows for one presentation at the conference. No more than one presentation per registration is allowed

Schedule questions

When will the detailed schedule be available?
We are working on the close to 2600 abstracts we have received. As you can imagine, this is a herculean task. We will notify all authors when the detailed schedule is available.

We are getting may requests regarding the schedule. Unfortunately, we are not ready to produce the schedule until all registrations and payments have been confirmed.  The schedule is likely to be ready by the end of May 2018.

The schedule has been published. Head to Schedule for more details.

Can you schedule my talk on day X? (and other constraints)
You can always submit requests that affect your availability for your presentation to . However, we kindly ask you to do so only in really exceptional situations. As you can imagine, considering hundreds of constraints makes the schedule hard to produce. In any case, we cannot guarantee that we might be able to take into account all preferences.

We are sorry, the schedule is now final. The organizers have accommodated all schedule requests which were timely communicated.


I submitted an abstract in the call for papers process. When will I be notified if I was chosen to speak?
Our scientific committee will contact you to advise whether your abstract has been accepted or not, in any case, not later than 21st of March, 2018.

I am a speaker: do I register myself for the EURO 2018 Conference?
Registration is required for all participants and exhibitors. Each registered participant can present a maximum of one contribution. Registered participants and exhibitors will receive a badge giving them access to the conference venue as well as the Conference materials. Participants and exhibitors are requested to wear their badge visible at all times. To register, you can choose between the different prices according to your case, please click here.

Are there any special issues planned?
Several journals have prepared special issues related to the EURO 2018 conference. See the Special Issues page for more details.

How much time do I have for my presentation?
Regular sessions include 4 talks in 9o minute slots. Therefore, speakers should strictly adhere to no more than 20-minute presentations, allowing for 2-3 minutes for questions and discussion and speaker switching.

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