Photos and Videos available!

We have put together a Flickr account with all the official photos of the EURO 2018 conference. The videos of the opening, closing and women in science sessions are also available. Head here for the media in all its glory! The Plenaries and keynotes  page has been updated with all the videos too!

Thank you very much for the wonderful conference!

We all had a wonderful week. No major problems, no long queues, good food, a fantastic social program. Everything went as planned. We are very happy and proud to have served the community. You are the ones that should be thanked for this 2500+ people conference. EURO 2018 is now history. Before we wrap up, we are editing and encoding…

EURO 2018 is a socially and environmentally responsible conference

We are proud to announce all the organizational aspects geared towards minimizing the social and environmental impact of our conference. Head here for all the details!

EURO delegate bags are socially, environmentally and locally responsible

Fabrics and thread made in the Valencian Community and a team of women in the Mil.una Sagunt project’s sewing workshop: this is the formula being used for making the 2500 bags to be handed out to those taking part in the Euro conference, with the help of the Mil.una social support project in Sagunto. The Euro conference, jointly organised by…