Instructions for speakers

Instructions for speakers

Guidelines for Speakers

The location of your session is shown in the Technical Programme section of the Conference Handbook. You can also find it in the online programme at the conference website.

There are typically 4 talks in each session of 90 minutes. This gives 20 minutes for each speaker including questions, and 2-3 minutes for switching speaker.

Time your presentation to fit within 15-18 minutes, leaving time for audience questions. Limit your presentation to key issues with a brief summary. Clearly state which problem you are solving, and why it is relevant.

Arrive at your session at least 10 minutes before its scheduled start to check in with the session chair, and to set up your presentation and test connection with the projector.

Bring a copy of your presentation on a USB stick to enable easy transfer to the computer being used for the presentation. All presentations in a session should be loaded on one computer/laptop to make handovers smoother.

If sessions do not have 4 talks the schedules talks should stick to the 20 minutes slots to allow delegates to transfer from other session if they wish. The unused slots can be used for general discussion.

If a speaker does not show up, the original time schedule should be adhered to rather than sliding every talk forward. This allows for effective session jumping.

If the scheduled chairman does not show up, the first speaker should take over the responsibility of chairing the session.

Download the non-obligatory PowerPoint slides template for EURO 2016 here

The conference logo is available in jpg, docx  and pdf

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