We all had a wonderful week.

No major problems, no long queues, good food, a fantastic social program. Everything went as planned. We are very happy and proud to have served the community. You are the ones that should be thanked for this 2500+ people conference.

EURO 2018 is now history.

Before we wrap up, we are editing and encoding all videos taken during the conference (opening and closing sessions, all plenaries, keynotes, and tutorials) and will post them as soon as we have them ready. We are also putting together a Flickr with all pictures taken. We will send you an email when all this is finished.

In the meantime, please, take a minute to answer the questionnaire we sent out… you must have received it in your email.

It has been a wild ride and an experience we will not forget in our lifetimes. Now, if you excuse us, we will go on vacation for about 3-4 months, which is the time we approximately need to recover ourselves from this event XDDD.

Thank you!